Is Your Bank Supporting Common Core? There’s Now an App That’ll Tell You.


Before opening a new bank account, filling up your tank, shopping for groceries, purchasing a computer, booking a flight or visiting a drug store, you can now find out how those companies are spending on political causes.

Thanks to a free online app called 2nd Vote, consumers have this information at their fingertips for America’s most popular brands.

The app, which is available on Google Play and Apple’s iTunes, allows instantaneous access to a database that includes more than 400 companies. It’s the brainchild of a nonprofit based in Nashville, Tenn., which seeks to help consumers make more informed decisions.

“Conservatives need to have this information so they can hold companies accountable,” Chris Walker, executive director of 2ndVote, told The Daily Signal. “Companies will listen, and listen very quickly and act in a meaningful way if as customers they redirect how their money is spent. The status quo is that conservatives have not engaged on this, so we can’t be surprised when all the corporate activity goes toward the left.”

An app called 2nd Vote tells consumers how companies spend on political causes.

With a new school year starting in many states this week, 2nd Vote just rolled out an additional feature that …read more