Local Leaders Try New Tactic to Bring Right-to-Work Laws to Kentucky


Kentucky is not a right-to-work state, but one of its counties soon may be.

Local officials in Warren County are to vote Friday on a measure that would remove the requirement that workers in some jobs must join a union and pay union dues as a condition of employment.

A first reading of the measure in Warren County Fiscal Court passed with a 5-1 vote with only magistrate Tommy Hunt, a Democrat, voting against it. The second reading scheduled for Friday will be immediately followed by a formal vote. An affirmative vote is widely expected.

Right-to-Work Set to Take Root in Additional Counties

Other counties in Kentucky already are following suit. On Monday, the Fulton County Fiscal Court voted unanimously in favor of a right-to-work ordinance as did the Simpson County Fiscal Court on Tuesday. Both votes were on first readings. Second readings will take place Dec. 29 in Fulton County and Dec. 30 in Simpson County.

Being without right-to-work status puts Kentucky at a “competitive disadvantage” that often results in “lost business opportunities,” Mike Buchanon, the Warren County judge-executive, told The Daily Signal in an interview.

Buchanon said “site-selectors” who are hired by companies to identify places to build factories and other workplaces have told …read more