N.Y. Labor Official Defends ‘Independent’ Investigation After Union Linked to Papa John’s Case


Two state labor officials have publicly acknowledged there are ample opportunities for “community organizers” and labor unions to partner with government agencies to enforce workplace laws and regulations against American businesses.

Speaking at the Center for American Progress last week, California Labor Commissioner Julie Su and Terri Gerstein, labor bureau chief for New York’s attorney general, outlined how their agencies are cracking down on businesses for alleged wage violations.

A union operative knew about the government’s lawsuit before the Papa John’s pizza franchisee did.

Last week, The Daily Signal reported on such a case involving a Papa John’s franchisee in New York.

In that case, a union official knew about the government’s lawsuit before the pizza franchisee did. Kendall Fells of Fast Food Forward and the Service Employees International Union generously praised New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman when he announced he was taking the pizza franchisee to court on behalf of workers who claim they were underpaid.

The lawsuit alleges workers were underpaid. The state attorney general, like the unions, called it “wage theft.”

State official weighs in

At the conclusion of the Center for American Progress panel discussion after Labor Secretary Thomas Perez spoke, The Daily Signal asked Gerstein, the labor official from …read more