A Palm Sunday Convergence of Pro-Life Runners From Across America

Jeff Grabosky takes a break during a run. (Photo courtesy Jeff Grabosky)

When you turn to God after experiencing the raw side of life and run more than 3,700 miles across the entire country, it’s fair to say you’re someone who can endure intense physical, psychological, and emotional traum

But if you’re Jeff Grabosky, and in you’re in the midst of another long run, you’re not convinced the endurance that served you so well previously will be there again.

That thought came to mind last month as Grabosky and other “LIFE Runners” ascended the mountain regions in and around rural Nevada as part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness and funds on behalf of the unborn.

“We were dealing with some pretty tough elevation in some mountainous areas, I would say going 5,000- to 7,000-feet elevation the entire time,” Grabosky says in an interview with The Daily Signal. “So, any thought that you were in good shape began to dissipate when you tried to breathe in the thin air. But the scenery and the skies were just beautiful.”

Grabosky, now 33 and living with his family in Jefferson City, Mo., began planning for his cross-country journey back in 2006, after his mother died of cancer. His marriage ended that same year. He wrote a …read more