Enterprise Resists Pressure to Steer Away From Legislative Reform Group


Attacks on the rental-car giant Enterprise over social media demonstrate how liberal pressure groups, labeling opponents as “climate change deniers,” coordinate efforts to bully companies to agree with them or face condemnation orchestrated by the groups.

In the name of preventing global warming, labor and affiliated groups planted a negative story about Enterprise in a liberal, U.K.-based newspaper.

They then distributed that article to fuel outrage through online petitions, Twitter, and other social media, a review of events by The Daily Signal reveals.

Their goal: to force Enterprise Holdings Inc. to back away from the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, a network of lawmakers, researchers, and business leaders that advances free market policies through state legislatures.

Its opponents on the left accuse ALEC of fighting initiatives to thwart climate change, or global warming, among other elements of the liberal agenda.

One petition, organized by MoveOn.org, calls on Enterprise Holdings to “live up to your own values of [energy] sustainability” by steering clear of ALEC.

So far, the Missouri-based parent of Enterprise Rent-a-Car and related businesses has not done so.

In an Aug. 30 post on its Facebook page, Enterprise Rent-A-Car wrote that it continues to support sustainable energy projects while working with ALEC, among …read more