Fox News TV on The Late, Great ACORN and Voter Fraud


The full name of the nationwide network is a mouthful. Here it goes:

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. ┬áBut let’s just call it ACORN. The name is now synonymous with voter fraud scandals and for good reason. But dig a little deeper and this was really story about financial misappropriation and a federal government that has stepped beyond its constitutional boundaries. Taxpayer funds that were allocated for urban renewal and for housing initiatives were diverted into partisan political initiatives. This tells a larger story of what’s going down at government agencies at all levels that are ostensibly operating in the public interest, but really carring the water for politically well-connected speical interests. During my time with The Washington Examiner, I appeared on the Glenn Beck show several times to dicuss the ACORN scandal.

Let’s all thank the former ACORN board members who blew the whistle.

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