Is Right-to-Work Coming to Northeast? Delaware Councilman Introduces Ordinance


SEAFORD, Delaware – One Delaware county is poised to change its economic climate, with a council member prepared to fight for a right-to-work ordinance being introduced Tuesday.

“This is not about ruffling political feathers, but is about the status quo no longer being tolerable for Sussex County and … the need for private sector jobs,” said Councilman Rob Arlett in an interview with The Daily Signal.

“Actual real wages have decreased in Delaware,” added Artlett. “Why should that be OK?”

Right-to-work laws prohibit private sector employers from entering into agreements that make union membership and payment of union dues a condition of employment.

If Sussex County passes a right-to-work ordinance, it could signal change for the northeast region of the country, where no states are currently right-to-work, according to the National Right to Work Committee.

The all Republican Sussex County Council needs at least three votes out of five for the ordinance to become law. The introduction of ordinance Tuesday begins the legal process that will allow for public discussion and debate of the proposal at a future date.

Arlett planned to give a presentation Tuesday based on a discussion he had with a private sector employer. That employer decided he could not …read more