Film Explores ‘Divine Plan’ for Reagan, John Paul to Bring Down Soviet Union


Both men were actors who climbed to prominent positions on the world stage late in life.

Both men were fierce anti-communists who fought to restore religious liberty where it had been suppressed.

Both came close to death during assassination attempts that occurred just six weeks apart.

And both believed they had been spared to play key roles in a “divine plan” at a critical moment in human history.

The partnership between the Catholic pope and the Protestant president in the closing, dramatic years of the 20th century is the subject of an upcoming film that includes interviews with prominent religious figures, Cold War historians, and presidential biographers.

The Divine Plan: Reagan, John Paul II and the End of the Cold War” is told as part “graphic thriller,” part stage play, and part documentary exploring the steady chain of communication and interaction among the Reagan White House, the U.S. intelligence community, and the Vatican.

“I wanted to include graphic images because they can convey certain aspects of history that are less well known and more obscure,” Robert Orlando, president and director of Nexus Media, a Princeton, New Jersey-based filmmaking studio, said in an interview with The Daily Signal.

“I didn’t want to use tired footage because …read more