Nurses Accuse Union of Pressure Tactics in Hospital Organizing Drive


MIDDLETOWN, Pennsylvania–Staffers who took down pro-union signs posted without authorization in St. Mary Medical Center were injured by staples “turned around backward” and “held in place by mustard,” nurses say.

The nurses, who spoke with The Daily Signal about a union rally last week near the entrance to the hospital in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, said the way the signs were put up was deliberate.

“This was meant to injure anyone who took down the signs,” said one nurse, who asked not to be named. “We are having union propaganda plastered all over our walls and slid under our doors.”

“Union officials are also visiting nurses at their private homes,” the nurse said. “There’s a lot of coercion and a lot of efforts made to intimidate.”

The accusation that union posters were hung in a way meant to injure anyone is “false and defamatory,” a union spokesman told The Daily Signal.

For the past several months, union posters and signs have been hung on walls and doors at St. Mary’s as part of a larger effort to prod nurses into joining a union, an official with Trinity Health, the hospital’s parent company, told The Daily Signal on background.

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