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Big Donors Pave Youth Group’s ‘Road’ to Green New Deal

A self-described army of young people devoted to climate change activism are taking their show on the road to build support for national Democrats’ Green New Deal and to counter business interests that favor fossil fuel use.

The Sunrise Movement first attracted media attention when hundreds of its followers organized sit-ins at congressional offices following the 2018 midterm elections. The movement’s network of activists is touted as including teenagers and college-age students and graduates.

In a widely reported encounter in February, elementary school children from San Francisco urged Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to support the Green New Deal. The Sunrise Movement posted a video of the spirited exchange, which also included middle and high school students, on its Facebook page.

Beginning April 18 in Boston, the environmental advocacy group will go on a speaking tour, called “Road to the Green New Deal,” that will visit nine major U.S. cities. The tour is set to conclude May 13in Washington.

The group’s stated goal is to make the 2020 elections a referendum on climate change and to implement the hotly debated Green New Deal as policy in 2021.

“Sunrise hopes the media falls for its image of itself as a youth-led …read more


Donors to Charities Can’t Be Exposed Under New Mississippi Law

Mississippi’s governor has signed into law a donor privacy bill designed to protect the anonymity of those who give money to nonprofit charities.

The new
law prohibits state government officials from soliciting or releasing donor
information from charitable groups that fall under section 501 of federal tax law.

Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican, signed the legislation known as HB 1205 last week after both houses of the Mississippi Legislature passed it.

recent years, charitable donations have been weaponized by certain groups
against individuals to punish donors whose political beliefs differ from their
own,” Bryant said afterward in a tweet March
28. “I was pleased today to sign HB 1205, which protects free speech rights of
Mississippians who make charitable donations.”

everyone in Mississippi was on board with the donor privacy bill.

In an opinion piece published in The Meridian Star, columnist Bill Crawford urged the
governor to veto the legislation. Crawford accused Republican state lawmakers
of working “to protect dark money from the light of transparency.”

wrote that he views HB 1205 as an extension of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling
in the 2010 case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. He argued that the high court’s decision made it possible for
“big money individuals and corporations” to “funnel …read more


Tech Giants Run Silent as Discrimination Charges Shake Up Southern Poverty Law Center

Leading technology and social media companies that have partnered with the Southern Poverty Law Center either are distancing themselves from the controversial organization or declining to comment about their relationship with the nonprofit in light of a recent shake-up at the top.

Of five tech giants contacted by The Daily Signal regarding their ties, only Facebook and Twitter responded.

Morris Dees, a lawyer who co-founded the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971, was dismissed last month amid allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

Then, Richard Cohen, president of SPLC since 2003, announced that he would step down, citing “recent events.”

“Whatever problems exist at the SPLC happened on my watch, so I take responsibility for them,” Cohen wrote in an email to staff, The New York Times reported.

A former employee, Bob Moser, recently authored a piece in The New Yorker describing SPLC’s business practices as “a highly profitable scam.”

Social media juggernauts Facebook and Twitter and tech giants Google (which owns YouTube) and Amazon (which owns Audible and are among major players that have partnered with SPLC to root out “hate speech” on their platforms, according to media reports. Apple also has strong ties to SPLC.

The …read more


This Veteran, Who Supplied Water to Firefighters, Went to Prison for Digging Ponds

An elderly veteran who ran a business supplying water to fight forest fires was prosecuted by the federal government and sent to prison for digging ponds on his own property, one of his lawyers says.

Joe Robertson, a Navy veteran from Montana, was 78 when he was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $130,000 in restitution through deductions from his Social Security checks.

His crime?

Robertson, whose business supplied water trucks to Montana firefighters, dug a series of small ponds close to his home in 2013 and 2014. The site was a wooded area near a channel, a foot wide and a foot deep, with two to three garden hoses’ worth of flow, according to court documents.

The U.S. government prosecuted Robertson for digging in proximity to “navigable waters” without a permit, a violation of the Clean Water Act administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Tony Francois, a senior attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation, a nonprofit, public interest law firm specializing in property rights, described the events leading up to Robertson’s prosecution during a panel discussion Monday at The Heritage Foundation.

Also on the panel was Kevin …read more


Geologist Accuses Apple of Political Bias in Removing App Countering Climate Alarmism

Political figures who support the so-called Green New Deal and other proposals to restrict carbon dioxide emissions are up against some “inconvenient facts” that Americans may access immediately through a smartphone application, a geologist and author says.

But there’s one big problem.

The app, called Inconvenient Facts, is available only to Android users through the Google Play Store. Since March 4, users of Apple’s iPhone no longer can access the app through the tech giant’s App Store.

Why is that?

Gregory Wrightstone, a geologist with more than three decades of experience, told The Daily Signal in an interview that he has his own opinion about what may have transpired inside Apple.

Wrightstone is the author of a book,“Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know,” which served as the basis for the information available from the app.

He notes that former Vice President Al Gore, a leading proponent of the view that mankind’s activities propel dangerous climate change, is a board member of Apple.

“It’s very rare for an app to be approved and then taken down unless there is offensive material or some other extreme issue,” Wrightstone said of Apple’s action in a phone …read more


Noncitizen Voting Called ‘Next Battle Space’ in Fight for Election Integrity

willing to volunteer their time to ensure that only lawful votes are cast and
counted in upcoming elections got a critical piece of advice during the
Conservative Political Action Conference.

lot of you know about voter ID,” former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian
Adams said Friday at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservative activists just
outside Washington. “But that’s yesterday’s issue and it is 10 years old. Voter
ID is not the solution; the left has moved on.”

“next battle space,” Adams said, involves illegal immigrants who acquire
driver’s licenses that enable them to become registered voters.

concerned citizens to be successful in efforts to ensure ballot integrity, they
must set the “right priorities” and focus their attention on where the left now
operates, he said.

part of the Justice Department’s Voting Section from 2005 to 2010, was one of
three panelists in a breakout session on voter fraud at CPAC.

others were Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal analyst at The Heritage
Foundation who manages the think tank’s Election Law Reform Initiative, and
John Fund, a columnist for National Review and Fox News. Both men have written
at length on voter fraud.

next battle space is alien registration,” Adams said.

federal “motor voter” law requires state motor vehicle agencies to offer voter
registrations forms when residents apply …read more


17 Takeaways From America’s Biggest Conservative Conference

The Daily Signal was at all three days of the Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest annual national gathering of conservative activists, in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington, and we’ve rounded up some of the highlights of our coverage.

  1. Vice President Mike Pence Speaks Out Against the ‘Culture of Death’

“Life is winning in America. For all the
progress we’re making, tragically, at the very moment more Americans are
embracing the right to life, leading members of the Democratic Party are
embracing a radical agenda of abortion on demand,” Pence said Friday at the Conservative
Political Action Conference.

Pence called President Donald Trump the “most pro-life president
in history,” noting that Trump revoked U.S. tax dollars from funding abortions
abroad and signed legislation allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood.

“Democrats are
standing for late-term abortion, infanticide, and a culture of death,” Pence
said. “I promise you, this president, this party, and this movement will always
stand for the unborn and stand for the inalienable right to life.”

Pence also said the people of Venezuela are embracing freedom
against the embattled socialist regime of dictator Nicolas Maduro.

“Freedom is more generous, more helpful, and more humane than any other social or economic model ever attempted because it is the only philosophy that respects …read more


Lindsey Graham Credits Trump for ‘Tough’ Leadership

When President Donald Trump first entered the Oval Office two years ago, Sen. Lindsey Graham was a little reticent to give out his phone number.

“President Trump and I did not start well,” the South Carolina Republican said in remarks Thursday to hundreds of conservative activists. “But now I’ve given him my phone number.”

Trump famously gave out Graham’s old cellphone number to the world when both men were seeking the Republican nomination for president.

“We’ve got a lot in common. I like him, and he likes him,” Graham quipped, provoking laughter.

Graham, now chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told his audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he was “never more proud of Trump” than during the ultimately successful effort to win Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Graham attracted the admiration of skeptical conservatives in September, when he made an impassioned defense of Kavanaugh as fellow Judiciary Committee members weighed a newly surfaced accusation that the nominee sexually assaulted a teenage girl when they were in high school.

“I want to thank the president for nominating Brett,” Graham said at CPAC. “He did something not everyone does. He had somebody’s back when it really mattered. There were a bunch …read more


Government Failed Parkland Students Before Massacre, Teen Activist Says

Instead of looking to government for protection and security, Americans should work to preserve and strengthen Second Amendment rights, a student who became an activist after last year’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, told hundreds of conservative activists Thursday.

Kyle Kashuv, now director of high school outreach for Turning Point USA, a nonprofit youth organization, was a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a gunman opened fire Feb. 14, 2018, killing 14 students and three staff members. Seventeen others were wounded.

“What happened at Parkland wasn’t a gun issue,” Kashuv said during a session on gun control at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, just outside Washington.

Kashuv, 17, pointed to statistics that show crime rates have declined as gun ownership has gone up.

He also expressed frustration that law enforcement officials received multiple reports about earlier behavior by the young man responsible for the shooting, but did nothing.

“Government failed at all levels,” Kashuv said. “Every single level of government knew this could happen. I’m targeting individuals who allowed this to happen. A gun is an inanimate object without someone pulling the trigger.”

For the question-and-answer session called “Disarming the Left’s Hypocrisy: The Fatal Disadvantage of Gun Control,” Kashuv …read more


Mueller’s ‘Foreign Agent’ Prosecutions May Lead to Probes of Green Groups

By invoking a law regulating foreign agents to pursue prosecution of former Trump campaign officials, special counsel Robert Mueller opened the door to more intense scrutiny of some U.S. environmental groups, according to legal analysts who say China and Russia use such groups to influence America’s energy policy.

But these legal analysts said they also see a danger that Mueller’s investigation could set a precedent for the Justice Department to “selectively enforce” the Foreign Agents Registration Act in a manner that undermines the rule of law and potentially jeopardizes national security.

The Trump administration, they say, should closely examine the relationship between environmental advocacy groups and foreign governments that are considered strategic competitors of the U.S.

“If the Mueller probe has any real benefit, it is that it opened the door for the Justice Department to employ FARA as a basis to investigate green groups that are undermining our country and aiding socialist/communist regimes,” lawyer Mark Fitzgibbons told The Daily Signal.

Because these same environmental groups persistently lobby for policy changes to restrict U.S. energy use and the projection of U.S. military power, the groups may operate at the direction and encouragement of hostile foreign actors, Fitzgibbons and other …read more