EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Ted Cruz Pushes Attorney General to Probe Green Activists’ Ties to China, Other Nations

FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL—What began as a congressional probe into the role of environmental advocacy groups, left-leaning foundations, and “dark money” entities in pushing to ban gas stoves has opened new avenues of inquiry into the influence of alleged foreign agents for China and other nations. Since March, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the ranking […]


Biden’s ‘War on Fossil Fuels’ Out of Step With Geopolitical Realities, Energy Policy Analysts Say

With the Russia-Ukraine war and the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel underscoring the urgent need for renewed U.S. oil and gas development, now would be a good time for President Joe Biden to rethink his opposition to fossil fuels, an energy and environmental policy analyst says.  “These events give President Biden the perfect opportunity to […]


Will Teachers Unions’ Political Contributions Prevent School Choice in Pennsylvania?

A well-funded network of government unions stands in opposition to parents, students, and lawmakers eyeballing education reform in Pennsylvania.  Until recently, they have cowed and cajoled elected officials into stalling some of the more audacious legislative initiatives. But in the aftermath of the COVID-19 shutdowns and a critical court ruling, the atmosphere may be ripe […]


Gov. Glenn Youngkin Aims to Save Virginia From California-Style Energy Policies

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, is drawing a sharp contrast between his energy initiatives and those of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, saying he remains committed to withdrawing Virginia from a multistate climate pact and pulling away from California’s vehicle emission goals.  Youngkin’s executive order calling on Virginia to “reevaluate” its participation in […]


Bloomberg Could Benefit From Climate Rules He Helped Craft 

Billionaire businessman Mike Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and presidential candidate, is poised to benefit financially from proposed rules requiring climate disclosures for businesses that he had a hand in crafting, policy analysts say.  President Joe Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commission proposes that publicly traded companies disclose to investors what the commission describes as […]


Liberal Groups Aligned With Arabella Advisors Spend Over $1M to Support School Choice Attacks in Pennsylvania

Liberal groups aligned with the Washington consulting firm Arabella Advisors have spent over $1 million to support attacks on school choice in Pennsylvania, joining public employee unions that have pumped tens of thousands of dollars into targeting charter schools.  An organization called Education Voters of Pennsylvania has published a series of articles and reports critical […]


How Texas Is Fighting Chinese Infiltration

A Texas law blocking construction of a Chinese-owned wind farm close to an Air Force base could ripple across state lines to inspire new laws deterring China from burrowing into American infrastructure.  The Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act—which became law in June 2021—prohibits companies and other entities from entering into agreements in Texas involving critical […]


White House ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Against Climate Policy Critics Sparks Litigation

Climate activists are working in coordination with the Biden White House and Democrat-dominated congressional committees to silence political opponents under the guise of “disinformation,” legal and energy policy analysts say.  Under President Joe Biden, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has kept a tight lid on how the administration advances its climate […]


House Republicans Ready for New Scrutiny of Biden Climate Goals, Green Foreign Agents 

House Republicans will reactivate investigations into the relationship between hostile foreign governments and activists who oppose American energy production if their party regains a congressional majority in November, congressional sources and policy analysts say.  As rising gas prices and inflation bedevil consumers, Congress should devote more time and attention to “anti-energy campaigns” that undercut America’s […]


Internal Documents Contradict American Express on ‘Woke’ Personnel Policies

Internal documents appear to tell a different story than public statements by American Express denying that the credit card giant has implemented “divisive woke policies” that punish white employees, according to a group that advocates a race-blind America. Color Us United, a nonprofit founded two years ago, joined with allied organizations to expose internal American […]